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samedi 22 mai 2010

HANDY inspiration

via Fashion chalet

who isn't obsessed by rings, right now?

7 commentaires:

Vintage Girl. a dit…

I absolutely love these rings! especially the eye, très en vogue. X

shenai a dit…

love them. i love my ysl and have similar ones to your others. im currently obsessed with rings, especially 2figer rings!

Dani Banani a dit…

i know i am so obesessed with rings! these are really adorable!!


minnja a dit…

Wow, these rings are wonderful.
Wishes, minnja

red | hongyi a dit…

oh oh oh!
beautiful rings! rings are my current obsession!
and those nails! oh! *drool

S. Lòpez a dit…

Wow gorgeous blog! Love the pictures <3

NaMisU a dit…

oh nice blog love these ring i want them all!!!

keep it up

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